November 24, 2008

Welcome to my humble attempt at blogging. My sister has been blogging successfully for a few years now and has convinced me that this might be a good way to create a journal of my journey in card making. I have been stamping for almost a year now, my card making skills are growing slowly and there are good cards and bad cards along the way. Stop by and say hello you just never know one day there might actually be something interesting to see. I can't say I will update daily and I know I can't accomplish a card a day but I wish do my darndest. The first few posting will not have card recipes attached, I have no idea what I was thinking when I made them and I definitely did not pay attention to what supplies I was using.

Thank you Barb, for putting together this blog for me and for the wonderful layout although the monkey picture I am sure will haunt me for a while.

The very first card I am posting is the birthday card I made for my sweet sister :) She seemed to like it and it was fun to make. I am not much for glitter, but hey it can grow on you.

Thanks for visiting


  1. SQUEE - I'm so excited to be able to come to YOUR blog! I am very proud of you for starting your own online presence.

    You do beautiful work and I know us sisters and sister in laws will enjoy dropping by to see you!

    Love ya,

  2. Good for you Nina, hope you like the bloging.