February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine’s Day… Are you a fan of this “holiday”? For me, this is a day of appreciation of the guys in my life (ohh that does not quite sounds right) I am referring to my husband and my son. For many it is a very commercialized day where everything is expensive. Flowers double or even triple in cost, it is near impossible to get a reservation to go out for dinner a week before, and for some it is a day that they feel left out such a shame really. I can give or take this “holiday” because I can love and appreciate my family every day. But….

I made cookies, more for my husband than for my son as he (he-being my husband) hoards them and maybe, just maybe he will share. These cookies are not friendly to make, actually that is not correct. They are easy enough to make just time consuming and for me a weee bit messy. I won’t show you that, but here is a picture of the cookies. I also brought them little items like treats, books and magazines. I will make a nice big dinner, I am thinking steak with sautéed scallops and green onions, a salad and fresh veg. I will have time to make dessert it will be one of the Dr Oetker mousses (is that spelled right) but they are nice and light for after dinner (just don't think about the whip cream.

Anyway, enough babbling and deep thinking, on with the card.

I thought these little felt hearts were very cute, it is also nice that they are 3d with the double layer. I layered the cardstock, and embossed the red cardstock to add texture. I used stickles for the center heart. I added the two little heart buttons at the end just because I thought it would look good.

Supplies: Stampin’Up natural White Card stock, red misc cardstock, Designer paper –Memory Skor, Kolette Hall – My Valentine, misc ribbons, Made with Love – felt hearts, Jesse James – Heart buttons.

Have a great day, I hope someone who loves you shows you a little appreciation.


  1. awww Nina sounds like an awesome night ...hope Mike shares thouse cookies ...did you say you sent everybody a goody parcel of cookies (hahaha) . you all have a great day ...sending our love ..


    (did those email pics make it to) you)

  2. NUMMY - these look SO sweet, like sweet as in pretty, but also sweet sweet. What a nice tradition you have happening there - thats so important. I love the idea of MAKING traditions.

    This card is very bold - do you have to buy the exact embossing patterns? Thats something that really is impressive. Your card makes me think of Chocolate and Cherries... hmm, should have ate before coming.

    Thx for sharing Sis, and Happy Valentines to you! {BIG hugs}