February 27, 2009

They got me... the germs... darn cold bugs.

This card was from a class that used a series of Asian themed Designer papers, most of the cards from this class were very nice. I felt this card could used something else, a quote or saying or something. I don't mess with my samples though.


  1. Nina..I am soo sorry you aren't feeling well.:( It seems to be going around here too and fortunately we haven't got it in our household at the moment.My DIL has the bug and her youngest DD had it before her.It tends to go through the whole family before it gets kicked out the door.Huh?
    Your cold doesn't seem to be affecting your talent for making cards..these are ALL ..so pretty.:)Thanks for sharing:)

    I hope you are able to have a wonderful weekend! Get well!!


  2. awww will girl I am hoping those boys are spoiling you rotten and lots of chicken soup ...and put those feet up ...have the best weekend you can and get better


  3. Ah, the ASIAN theme... yes, methinks you might consider some of their hot ginger tea and ginseng to drop-kick da goims!

    VERY pretty - this would be a lovely card tucked with one of those lovely fans I've seen... you know the sort? hmmm?

    ah, you're giving me ideas here! (grinding gears and smoke)