March 14, 2009

Mornin' I was a bad last night and stayed up till about 11:30 reading a book. How I did that I have no idea as I was exhausted when I got home from work. Vogue 'the cat' woke me up 7 this morning, I dragged her close for a cuddle to try to fall back to sleep. The damage was done though and I was awake. It did not help that she decided she was going to sit on my pillow and just stare at me, it is down right creepy when see does that.

What is going through her little mind... 'Day 5498 of captivity I will stare at my support staff till they go crazy'.. yah I am still tired *smile*. On with the card....

I was not happy with my first attempt at Easter cards so this is my second. (Sorry Valinda I am not very good with the Spiritual stuff, I leave that to Barb).

Supples: Cream textured, green and purple cardstock, Basic Grey Euphoria Designer paper, Elzybells Art Stamps - Daisy Canopy, Magenta - Springtime, Jesse James - Pastel Posies buttons, dashes, Dots and Checks ribbon.

I am off to clean the house, have a great Saturday.


  1. stare stare STARE...

    hehe, me and vogue. ya!

    The card is SO cute, Chickie! Love the springtime fireworks in the back and the little crochet knob! Gorgeous colors!


  2. Oh your Easter card is adorable Nina!

  3. awesome card Nina all the colors ...


  4. How cute!!!:) LOVE it!!!
    Your cat is too funny.LOL I don't let DD's cat in our room when we go to sleep.She has the run of the house and that is enough.LOL I couldn't sleep knowing I was being watched either.hehe
    Love your " Just a note" cards too.Those are sometimes the best..cause there's really no occasion for them and they are usually a complete surprise.:)

    Have a wonderful day.:)