March 2, 2009

This card is a third from the Asian theme designer papers from one of the classes. The pretty strip with flowers and brads slides off the card before it will unfold.

I did get a couple cards done this weekend. I did not however setup the camera to take any photos.

I am still sick, and this cold likes to suck the energy right our of you and what energy there is left in my battery gets drained with the constant coughing and nose blowing... So I will hopefully get those weekend cards posted later this week.
On another note, as a family we watched Celebrity Apprentice last night, we have a vested interest in watching, at work there is a group of us that get together to watch on our lunch hr. This year with the episodes being 2 hrs we cannot. Anyway we pick who we are going to support and then see who lasts the longest in the game. This is my fouth year joining the fun, I have three 'You're Fired' magnets that I proudly display. This year I chose Jesse James as my game player. I am pleased to anounce I was not fired last night.

Have a great monday... I am sooo not looking forward to work this morning.

1 comment:

  1. What a clever idea with the card unfolding like this!!! I'd make a template inside and make my text flow inside those two side shapes - very cool!

    Awww - chicken soup, and a sister hug, thats what's prescribed for you!

    Do you bet on your players in the show?

    Great... Monday? No, no match there, sorry! *snort*

    lotsa ♥