April 20, 2009

The April Stampin' up! workshop was yesterday, I was happy I attended as I liked all the projects. You ever have those days when your craft mojo is just not flowing. Mine was yesterday, I felt like my hands were unattached and I could just not make it happen. I WILL show you my results anyway, even though they are sloppy.

I'll post the worst one first, I tried to fix it a little when I get home, the bad vibes followed me home and I just made a mess. That will teach me.
I really liked this card, it comes with a Cricut generated envelope, I love the neutral colors.

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  1. Oh lala! Did you make the ENVELOPE too? What a wonderful idea! I am partial to dogwoods - they make me think of the dogwood right outside Gramma's kitchen window. She loved that tree. I think this card is wonderful, course I'm pretty prejudiced too and look with rose-colored glasses maybe hehe!

    ♥ Sis

  2. Nina ..nothing wrong with this card ...it turned out great ...you are very talented and do awesome ..have a great week..