November 9, 2009

Hello Monday morning. I had a fabulous weekend, it was my Birthday on Friday. I received a ton of wonderful Birthday wishes ☺.It felt like the whole weekend was one big extension of my birthday (the birthday cake fed us for three days).

My husband spoiled me rotten with a large gift certificate to the local stamp store. Lisa Strahl was teaching a class there Friday night so I signed up (Happy Birthday to me ☺). I spent the entire Certificate + some after the class… sigh.. so much for savouring it. My sweet sweet husband also gave me a Michaels gift card. So I brought one of these…
Minus all the embellishments of course. I did not have a space dedicated for my cardmaking but I have been given free reign of our office to pretty much turn it into my very own craft room. So we did a lot of looking for things like storage. It is all coming together.

I did sit down to make a couple of cards on Sunday, but I can't show them for a couple weeks. People who should not might peek. I think I have a few in reserve though that I can post later this week.

My blog is 1 year old now, my sweet sister designed it for me as my Birthday gift last year. Blogger tells me I have about 207 entries and being it is rare for me to post without a card to show means I have posted around 200 cards. I don't remember making that many.


  1. good to hear you got spoiled deserve it . Oh neat stuff from Micheal's ...


  2. A place for everything and everything in it's place! Gotta like that. I'm sure your room will be amazing. Can't wait to see when its all done.

    What there are PEEKERS in your circle of family and friends. What is WRONG with these people *snort* {from the worlds baddest peeker herself haha} C'mon, peeking is fun. You could publish a CORNER of a card. Meanie.

    CONGRATS on your Blogaversary! You probably posted more than me!

    Love ya,

  3. Good evening Nina:)
    Love your storage cabinet.If you are like will need a lot more space than the office.LOL I have just about taken over the dining room and my half of the office.:)
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. It doesn't seem possible that it has already been a year!!!Time sure flies when you are having fun!:)
    Your cards are beautiful..and I love that you told us about your birthday and spending all of your gift certificate.I would have done that too! I bet you had a blast!:)
    Just wanted to stop in to say hi again...and see what you have been up to.:)

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!