January 11, 2010

My little boy is 16, I guess I cannot call him that anymore or even my little man. I don’t care how old I am on my birthday but when it is my son’s birthday that seem to make me feel just that little bit older.

I think this will be the last time we try to fill the cake with the multitude of candles that he now requires. I was waiting for the fire department to smell all that smoke.

I was lucky enough at Christmas to be given and wonderful Michael’s gift card, which combines with many 40% coupons I started acquiring a collection of Adirondack Alcohol Inks. My first project was trying to make some backgrounds.

My son likes soccer and he is dedicated to it right now, so I though the theme for his Birthday card should reflect that.

Supplies: Cream cardstock, glossy paper, Adirondack Alcohol Inks, Inkadinado- Birthday wishes, Jolee Dress it up button, Misc dollar store stickers.


  1. way to go Nina ...wish that boy a big Happy Birthday from all of us here...wow 16. I can hear mom car or where is that motorcycle Mike ...love the the card


  2. Yes Yes - and no more bumps for at his age all his bumps would make him look like he got beat up... and if WE were to get bumped according to our years we would have to call the paramedics. Smoked cake, hmmm?

    LOVE the card - the inks show up vibrant even on here. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Good morning Nina:)
    I know what you mean about not having the time to blog like we use to.:)
    Happy 16th Birthday to your son! My DD's birthday was yesterday too... only she is 33 now.:) DH had his bday Friday. Hopefully things will slow down some now.
    Oh ... I got a Fiskars embossing case and some extra packs for Christmas. We used the 40% off coupon and saved about twelve dollars .:) Now to get my back healed up so I can check it out.:)
    I love your cards and it is sooo COOL that you are making your own backgrounds! That is one sure way of having it the way you want it.:)
    Have a wonderful day!