May 25, 2010

Did someone say 'Cookies'? No stamping for me this weekend, but I did spend one whole day in my kitchen... yup the whole day-4 batches of cookies, 1 batch of a biscotti gone wrong (which became a dipping biscuit).

My husband is mixing up his job a little, so as a little bye bye gift I made cookies and put them in these cute little boxes and added tags for each for his co-workers.

The cookies you ask?

Mexican wedding cookies, Lemon Ricotta cookies, Oatmeal and cranberry cookies, Double chocolate cookies and Cranberry, lemon and chocolate biscotti, that turned into biscuits because I missed a crucial step in the biscotti making steps.

After the kitchen was all clean I started all over with a full Roast beef dinner with mashed potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, salad and roasted veg tossed in this amazing mixture of black cherry vinegar, brown sugar, garlic, pepper and a touch of salt.

Maybe I will have a card later in the week, I used my new stamps on the tags but they are small and not worthy of a post.




  1. Heavens - forget the cards, how come I was not there for dinner or cookie baking! These all sound yummy. I hope you had help with the kitchen cleaning end of things.

    I'm enjoying being the beater-licker with Mom and Dad here. Nice to be on the licking end of things instead of the mixer. You would LOVE to watch Mom, she's a wealth of info and good old fashioned advice. Who'd have thunk it?

    Love ya,

  2. ok ...when is this awesome meal being served again ...would love to be sitting at the table ..with fork and knife in hand...and then cookies afterwards..yummmieeeee. Nina you are so talented like your sis.