December 29, 2010

Hello-Hello, I can't believe I skimmed by Christmas and that the New Year is zipping toward us. I am smack in the middle of a wonderful break. Today I am cleaning carpets and putting away some Christmas stuff.

It is a new Mojo Monday this week, the last of the year and I am excited to hide myself away this evening to see what I can come up with.

I had a couple of amazing days up at Mt Washington, they say they have the most snow in the world right now for an Alpine Resort, not sure how accurate that is but I have to say it sure was pretty. We are so fortunate to live only a few hrs away. We are not skiers but love to Snowshoe and our first day there was a true winter day with thick fluffy snow coming down, we had a wonderful 2+hr shoe, most of it making our own trails. A visit is never the same without saying hello to the Whiskey Jacks and they did not fail to delight us this trip either.

I imagine these this guys would not be welcome in a camp, they are friendly but crafty at getting the goods. We always take a little extra trail mix to share with them, this year they loved the big plump raisins, but did not think much of the small square papaya bits and just picked them up and tossed them off my hand.

The second day was magical, the sun was out, it was crisp and there was a very light breeze which picked up some of the fluffy top snow and wisped it away so that the air looked like it sparkled.



  1. (gasping in delight!!!) Your sunshiney photos are amazing, Sis! I saw Mt. Washington on the tube and yes, though you had a positive experience there it looks like many folk could not even get parking it was so bad. How beautiful your pics are, and the whiskey jacks are so friendly, aren't they? Specially when one brings seed...

    Looking forward to your mojo! Perhaps, just PERHAPS I may join in, I think I hit upon a good designing idea and may get some time to play.

    Love ya,

  2. Good morning Nina :)
    Your trip sounds wonderful ! Soooo pretty with all that snow too! Love seeing the bird in your hand. Great pic!!:)
    Guess I don't need to ask if you had a great Christmas . Hehe
    I want to wish you a Happy New Year .. Just in case I don't make it back here before. :) May it be everything you hope it will be!


  3. Awesome pictures Nina.....looks so beautiful and....
    sound like an awesome time for you and yours