December 12, 2010

No card today :). I love Michaels Crafts today, I love that its currently a  40% off Slice and Slice Accessories deal.

I have been debating on whether I really needed this item, so many times in the past I brought must have items that I really did not need. I hummed and hawwed and hummed some more, checked out Ebay for deals and decided I would wait.... Till Michaels put it 40% off the machine and all accessories. Happy dance, I own a Slice, with the help of my loving husband.

Isn't it pretty :)



  1. How nice.

    I have often wondered about this little machine myself but have not seen much on it, or dont know much about it.
    So i am looking forward to see what you do with it....i'm sure you will inspire me to get day.

  2. awesome girl ...can't wait to see what gets designed now...


  3. Do you like it because its so pretty? *snort*

    You will not want to be at work away from your slice thingie. Now I need to see what it DOES. I bet it does magical things that will make me drool and covet your toys haha!

    No, really I am so happy for your new fangled machine, lets see whatcha can do there Sis.

    Love ya,