June 5, 2011

Allergies anyone. My husband and took a recent trip down to Washington. I could not believe how much Scotch Broom is everywhere. In some areas it's smell was so strong it was even a bit bothersome to me, thank goodness Mike or I don't suffer from allergies, I could not imagine suffering through this everyday.

This is what we saw for miles along the freeway.

At Cabela's in Lacey there were fields and fields of it, this is where the air thick with its smell. I have to admit that it is beautiful to look at.

Mt Rainer was clear and stunning to look at. I did not get a good picture but this is a great glimpse. The mountains were beautiful and clear to look at all three days. Thank you sunshine.

Joann's had a great sale on 40% off all paper craft items. I went a little wild with the stamps, I did not take a picture of it all. Maybe tomorrow.



  1. Wow, you did a lot of posting!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful scenery - I remember one time we were down at some place about this time of the year and the scotch stuff was out and it was gorgeous. I bet your pics do not do it justice and even they are stunning.

    Woo - Jo Anns. Wooo, I bet they were just waiting for YOU.

    Love ya,

  2. Beautiful pics!!! So far I haven't had a lot of allergy problems..but that is prolly mostly due to the fact I stay indoors during the pollen season.(Spring):) Jim has started getting itchy,watery eyes during that time.Not something he use to have a problem with..but they say as you get older..things can affect you differently. They are right.LOL