August 30, 2011

365 Card Challenge-Day 183-Imagine This-Wrinkled.

I do not have to imagine this, I see a whole lot when I smile in the mirror... its ok, really I earned every little tiny crows feet.. alas that has nothing to do with cards :).

Distressed, crumpled, rumpled and wrinkled it is all the same is it not. Well as I was making this card that is what was going through my head. Not sure if I like my card yet, maybe it will grow on me. I was going for vintage but dare I say this, it looks a bit dirty. Sometimes vintage can be dirty looking I guess so I will go with that.

There was a whole lot of paper crumpling going on to get this rumpled wrinkled look, it would not even flatten enough for me to glue it on straight so that because part of the look. I finished with a small flower and some pearls. There is also a very fine sheen of Sheer Shimmer.

Oh, I need to mention, my sister Barb and I are Weekly Challenge All Stars over at 365 Card Challenge. What that means is that we completed all 7 challenges for last week. I am not sure if I have ever made a card a day before...for a full week but.. Yah us. Take a peak over at my sisters blog to see her fabulous card submissions.

Supplies: Cream and brown cardstock, Designer Paper- Hot off the Press, TPC-Brush Stroke Greetings,Vintage Frame-The Graphics Fairy, Kaiser craft pearls, flower punches, Sheer Simmer.



  1. Nina,

    You do vintage with such flair! Somehow it never comes out looking cheap or just old... it always looks like something treasured.

    Those are not crows feet - they are laugh lines - the smiles are so big they have to squish the skin somewhere, sheesh.

    Thanks for the mention of our huge success story doing a whole week of cards. The cards were fun, but knowing we both did it together was the best.

    Love ya,

  2. Eu aprecio seu cartão! Gosto de ve-lo com tom sobre tom...E o pequeno detalhe da flor dá um toque especial!

  3. What a soft and elegant card great job and keep smiling!

  4. Good evening Nina:)
    I don't think your card looks old or cheap either.You did a WONDERFUL job!!
    You think you have should see the back of my hands.LOL I keep saying..those aren't mine.hehe
    I know you and Barb had fun with the week of card making.What challenge is next?:)Maybe theme cards? Hunting,fishing,biking, running,cooking,cleaning etc.:)We can have fun watching you two compete.:)

    Thanks for stopping in and leaving such sweet comments for me.LOVE your visits!