January 16, 2012

Stacking boxes Cakes

You don't expect to see those words strung together now do you. I have quick post to show you, a fabulous project I work on Saturday. A small group of us got together to do a little crafting, Cabio had an idea she wanted us to try. These started out as stacking boxes by Melissa Frances.

Can you tell which one is mine.. I am soo not a girly girl. The other ladies made stunning elegant and so so beautiful projects, these are three of finished items. One of the ladies was still busy adding bling.

Three of us ladies holding our projects. Like the background, that is Cabio's craft room not a store.. it is amazing and I am in awe each time I see it.

This is my project :), I had a blast creating it. We started with measuring and adding texture to white cardstock. I added the thick black ribbon with white stitching, and then cut out each individual dice from spare cardstock and added gems. I created the large dice on top the same way and added three layers of base to hold it up.

The top box is glued shut but the bottom two boxes can open up to put some trinkets or treats inside.  I was pretty impressed with myself for accomplishing this.

Thank you Cabio for taking these great pictures. I have a few more on my camera that I will add a little later.. I am charging my camera battery. I think Cabio has more pictures on her blog, pop on over to take a look, she has made several of these amazing project.

Supplies: Stacking boxes-Melissa Frances, white cardstock, Cuttlebug folder, misc ribbon and gems.



  1. Hi Sis,

    OMGosh that is pretty fantastic alright. I love your style, though each box set is wonderful in it's own way.

    Wouldn't I die to have a setup like that!

    What a fab pic of you too!

    Amazing, that's all I can say.


  2. Very cool! It's good to be different and your set would work perfect for the a gambling couple or a vegas wedding...you just never know.
    So cool that you were able to get together with some ladies for a good ol' crafting day.
    There are all wonderful!

  3. I just LOVE your cool idea on this cake. It is so fun and I am sure your hubby is going to cherish you for a life time :-)

  4. Nina...this is AWESOME!! I LOVE IT! I use to be a Bakery Manager and decorated cakes etc for a living.This would be so COOL for me to do too!! Combine my Hobby with my cake decorating skills.:) Oh..I wish someone would give me the time to do it and the place to show it off.LOL

    Thank you so much for sharing your ideas with me.:)I LOVE how you did your cake!BTW..how long did it take for you to complete it?:)