August 12, 2013

Muse ard challenge # 30

The inspiration for this Muse Card Challenge is stunning, I love the fabulous colours and artistic feel and that was my inspiration and what I tried to do with my card.

I usually struggle with bright colours but this card was so fun to make. I was not sure of the sentiment but then I added the twine and heart and it seemed to come together. I used some Goosebumps on the heart and then popped up with foam tape along with the sentiment.

Supplies: Natural white and black cardstock,  The Alleyway Stamps - Love Knots and Jibber Jabber, twine.

Take a look at the this weeks Muse card HERE.



  1. Hi Sis,

    I love it when you go BOLD - I know its not your comfort zone but you sure pull it off well.

    I think the sentiment rocks!

    ♥ Sis

  2. Your card is incredible! I just love how you have graduated the colours and stamped this fab woodgrain.

  3. What a different take on the sample card. Look like a woodbbock that took a lot of time. Thanks.

  4. Wow Nina! This card is unique! I love the way you created the background!

  5. WILD! lol! I love the animal print (oops, I see that it's woodgrain, but it looks like animal to me!) Thanks for playing along with this week's Muse!

  6. love your background!!!its so cool how it looks like an animal print!!!!! great card ;)

  7. So eye-catching! Love the look of your woodgrain background.