February 3, 2014

Loops & Threads Knit Quick

I took a little break from card making this weekend to try a different craft. I was wandering the rows of Michaels on Saturday, which is never good. I prefer to go when I can focus on a specific item or items to buy then I don’t end up buying something I don't need, I get in and I get out.  Not this time though and I came home with a loom and a ball of yarn of all things and I got it in my head to make myself a blanket for the couch.

I found the instruction booklet that came with the loom a little sparse, my first try resulted in a nice start for most of first foot with the exception to the edges that seems really tight and starting to curl. So I unraveled it and looked for some better instructions and I found this young lady on YouTube and I have a good second try on the go. You can see her tutorial HERE.

Supplies: Loops & Threads Knit Quick Loom, Lion Brand yarn – Pearls.



  1. Hi Sis,

    This looks so cozy and softily! The sort of blanket one snuggles under and keeps wrapped around when you manage to get off the couch.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ♥ Sis

  2. Oh my goodness...so cool. This video makes me want to look for that loom. It's been a while since I knitted...I need to look at these videos for inspiration to get started. What you have done so far looked nice...I hope I get to see your finished project...thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Good for you for trying something new! I can't wait to see the finished project! I am sitting under my toasty-warm blankie (that I didn't knit, LOL!) right now and enjoying it thoroughly.