August 22, 2015

Sit Long, Talk Much

I seem to be having all sorts of issues with blogger using my favorite font and spacing so I am going to try something new. I have a another card from my recent cardfest with my sister.

When I found this DP I thought it was so cute, I had no idea where/how I was going to use it as I think it is a series for smaller children this one perhaps for potty training. Anyway, my sister and I are a little on the cray cray side when we are together and this is the theme we decided to go with as a thank you card for my brother for his hospitality.

I used lots of layers (no pun in tended), used my stitched rectangles (of course) then added a few buttons with twine. Sorry the image is so dark, the paper is a little more bright than shown here.

Supplies: White and turquoise card stock, Designer paper - Karen Foster (gotta go) misc die cuts, twine.

While in Vernon we decided to look at some family history, this is a mural of Catherine O’Hare Schubert she was the first white woman to travel overland from Eastern Canada to BC. She is my great great great (I might be missing a great) gramma, there is some good solid stock in my blood.

When we arrived the mural it was surrounded by construction, they are building Schubert Gardens which I think is a condo complex. My sister does not hesitate to ask for anything and had the construction guys moving supplies, large wooden bins and taking photos like it was a fashion show.

Now on to some more wild fire photos, along with the skimmers there were a good number of helo's dropping water. This shot shows how close the fires came to homes and wineries. I think there might be some vintages with a smokey flavor in the coming years.

The smoke does make for some great photos, the sun was hiding behind a cloud and the planes flying out of the smoke was impressive.

I just though this was cool looking, I don't recall what the plant is but it always reminds me of a corn stalk minus the husks of course.

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