October 26, 2015

Lemon a little.

I had to share a couple of picture of my crazy little lemon tree. I got it in my head about 3 years ago that I wanted a lemon tree, not sure why - caulk it up to me being just this side my own brand of crazy :)

Anyway found one at Canadian Tire of all places for $18. It resided in it little plant pot till this summer when it was just a wee bit top heavy. Currently it is still under 2 feet high.

My plan for the fall was to gift it with a new plant pot but I had wanted to wait until it had ripened its 15 little lemons. Those silly things take like 6 months to get all yellow and edible. Anyhoo, as the summer heat cooled and it was time to
transition back onto the house. I chanced the transplant anyway. New soil bigger pot and wheels :). I do believe it is traumatized.. not...

A month later, this is what I see. The almost ripe lemon has been that way since June, the green bits receded millimeter by millimeter like every other month. There are around 14 other small lemons that really look like limes, but I have a full on bloom happening. The house does smell heavenly though. I have no idea how such a little tree can hold all the weight, that lemon is the size or an orange.

I use my little paint brush daily, fluttering like a little bee. Not sure if this little bugger should be pollinating itself but it has worked every year. It seems happy enough making its little seasonal trek from indoors to out and back inside again. 

Though I would share :),


  1. How fun! I bet it does smell wonderful!

  2. I killed my slip you gave me... guess I shouldn't expect a second one haha, can't be trusted.

    I'm looking forward to see what you make or bake with your crop - they really DO taste incomparable to a store bought.

    clever sister - kind of kinky too, I'd say.

    ♥ Sis