January 30, 2009

I felt the earth move.. heheh thought you were getting something good didn't you. It was actually an earthquake, just a tiny one for an earthquake but it shook the house just the same. We live in a Zone 6 here in Victoria, I don’t think the zones get much higher than that. Hello costly Earthquake insurance.

Earthquake Information
Friday January 30, 2009
Local Time:
05:25:01 PST
4.6 ML
47.89 North
122.48 West
UT Dateand Time:
2009-01-3013:25:01 UT

Poor Vogue she takes a hit again with me calling her names as she scratched with her earth moving paw at 5:25 this morning.

Sorry.. no card again.


  1. Whoa - SEE? I don't wanna lose my one and only sister to an earthquake! Can't you just migrate a little closer m'dear?

    Poor Vogue, I'll do some uplifting of her over on my blog here momentarily!

    I'll be thinking of you today!

    ♥ Sis

  2. Hi Nina!

    Barbs told me to swing by your blog, and I did, 'cuz I listen to Barbs. LOL! I'm glad I did...Vogue is a gorgeous grand dame. I have two black ones. One is crabby and the other is a pest.LOL. Both get great enjoyment out of waking me up at 4 am demanding their breakfast. Sleeping in is a luxury in this house. LOL

    Here's to a great weekend!
    Hugs from Southern Ontario,


  3. Oh Nina that must of been something ...what did Zach thing of the earthquake? Glad to see Vogue keeps you on your toes. Have a great weekend.

    Hugs & Smile :)