January 31, 2009

This is an anniversary card for my in-laws, I think it turned out well. This is the second card I made using Vellum as a large part of the card so it was a huge learning experience, I will post the first try using vellum in early Feb.

I have never really liked using Vellum, when cutting the edges always have the fine while line, it is impossible to use glue without it showing through. It has such an elegant look to it though that I wanted to try it again now that I am a little more versed in card making.

With the first card I had it already to assemble, I looked through my cache of adhesives to see which hopefully have the least amount of impact. Much to my dismay the one I chose did not work any better than any other time I had attempted to try using Vellum.

I am not sure why I did not think if it soon but I did some searching online to see if I am the only vellum novice out there.. Troubleshooting 101.. research I am good at that. So I found a couple of websites that pretty much said the same thing as I was experiencing but did offer some tips. This is what I found.

- Try using a glue stick. (I ended up stealing a Ross Stick from my sons school supplies and it worked fine.)
- Apply it to the cardstock you are using rather than the Vellum
- Let sit for a few minutes till the glue get tacky
- Apply Vellum to cardstock

Over all this worked for me, wishing I had found this info before the first card but it is all about learning. You can still see some of the glue stick residue in this card but it is a start and I won’t shy away from using Vellum anymore. I will however look for a craft glue stick the next time I venture in to my local stamp store.

Another recommendation I found was that you can place the glue where it can be hidden, under embellishments or ribbons, or even not using adhesive at all those same embellishment well placed can do the same job. Something for me to try next round. I am always open to more suggestions though.

Supplies: Craft Cardstock – Stampin’ Up, brown and cream Cardstock – Bazzell, Cream Elegant Leaf Vellum – The Paper Company, All Night Media – Happy Anniversary, Magenta Flowers, Doodle Bug designs – Boutique Brads, Misc Ribbon

This card portrait is not very good, it makes the card look a little off center but in fact everything is even. I actually took a ruler to it. *sign* I am working on it.

Blog free Sunday tomorrow, have a wonderful day, I will be back Monday.

P.S. Earlier this week I missed the oppurtunity to wish Valinda a Happy Birthday, so happy Belated Valinda I hope you had a fabulous day and that you were spoiled.


  1. Ohhh - VERY pretty card ;)

    I'd like to explore the world of vellum myself, but will let you figure out all the pitfalls first, ok?

    Love how the edges are scalloped.

    Yes, probably the most valuable thing of all is to find help online. I've come to rely on my internet to learn almost all I know! So handy.

    I would have thought of putting the glue where the embellishments are too!

    You did good centering your photo. I'll miss you posting tomorrow but it will leave me eager to see you next week.

    Thx for sharing your beautiful card and your carding wisdom!

    ♥ Sis

  2. love the look ..and yes vellum is so much fun to work with ..thanks for the tips ...and enjoy your sunday ..can't wait to see what new card will be up on Monday.

    hugs & smiles:)