January 7, 2009

Mid-week already, happy Wednesday. Today card is a simple, small card for my son’s music teacher. I tuck a cheque or money in a new card each month for payment. Yeah that is a lot but if I stopped now he might toss us out and it is almost a mini challenge to make something new each month that is musically inclined.

Supples: Brown card stock, Designer papers – S.E.I Charlemagne, Offray spool o’ ribbon, Inkadinkado Rock Star clear Stamps.

Have a wild and wonderful Wednesday.


  1. What a SWEET idea! I am sure your card is appreciated as much as the cash. More maybe, anyone can give cash.

    Hmmm, will I has to be designing some more music type designs?

    I hear you got WET there at the coast. I better not smirk, for I know we will be getting it too!

    Love you Sis!

  2. Good morning Nina:)
    I LOVE your cards.How cool!You must evidently come up with the ideas for them eventually.:) I am the same way sometimes.NOTHING comes to mind and I will go off to do some house work or something and a thought will pop into my head as I am pondering and I run to the puter before I forget it.Which can happen easily the older I get.LOL
    Sorry I haven't been by the last couple of days.Christy(DD) was off Tuesday and we shopped..and yesterday Jim took me to work with him...so I haven't had as much puter time.:)Today..I am babysitting.:)

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. cute ....and what an a heart felt thing to do ...to take the time ..and to try to make each card different ...way to go Nina. He must love them.