February 23, 2009

I only managed a half of a card this weekend and that is definitely not ready for a post. I did however watch two great demos at the local stamp store that got me thinking about a few of the card classes I took last year. So I have decided to pull them out of there hiding place and take some pictures. I don’t recall any of the supplies but some of the idea’s were great. I never give away any of the cards I make in workshops and classes so I have a box of them.

This first one would be perfect for a Father’s Day card. I think this idea is very interesting
I have only been up and about for 20 mins, I should be wide awake but I am yawning up a storm that cannot be good.

Have a great Monday.


  1. Poke! Wake up lil sleepyhead!

    This card would also be a great idea for a baby card? Remember how they used to give out a cigar? Well you could not do a cigar, cause thats bad for your health - but you COULD put something in the pocket like a pink or blue teddy? Baby cards are always so women-ish, would be neat to see a manish one.

    Erm, hate to say but the shirt looks like pajamas. *ducking from the shoe you are throwing*

    ☺ Sis

  2. what a neat idea ..way to go Nina ..

  3. Good Morning Nina:)
    I love coming to see what you have done.I haven't forgotten you..I promise. I am just soo busy...mostly chatting with your sister.LOL JK.
    Your cards are soo cool and I love the one with the butterfly.What a neat idea to make it pop up.:)
    This shirt card..is really cool too.:) What a neat idea!!It can be used as a scrap page too with a photo hidden inside.:)Hmmm..I will have to tuck that idea in my brain somewhere...and hopefully remember where I filed it.hehe
    Sooo sorry your boys are sick.:( Take care and stay healthy!