January 14, 2010

The last Clost to my Heart workshop we make two very interesting cards, the first is a Tri-fold shutter card.

Supplies: All Supplies - Close to my Heart


  1. wow .. is that ever different ...can you show me how to do this....you could do a slide show showing each step....:)..you could do classes over the blog ....we would love it.


  2. oh and I DO like this!!! VERY VERY cool. I'm sure the photo does not give us the full effect. WOW!

    Show me show me *snort*


  3. That card is very cool....some people are just so craetive when it comes to doing differnet things with cards. Nice job Nina!!!!

  4. Good Morning Nina:)
    Thank you so much for stopping by to leave Birthday wishes for me.How sweet!!:) I am soo sorry I haven't been by sooner.:( I can see you have been keeping busy.:) Love your cards!! I also LOVE that you are telling us how you did them and what products and instruments you used.I hadn't thought of using Scotch mounting tape.:) I just had Christy (DD) pick me up some packages of mounting stuff from Michael's and if the Scotch tape is less expensive...I will go that route.:) I have two scissors..one big..one small for my projects.Love the smaller ones..can't remember the name..but they are yellow and black and have "bee" in the name.hehe I hadn't thought of using cuticle scissors..hmmm...:)
    Love the tri-fold shutter card.Wow...you must have had fun figuring that out.:)I too would love to have instructions.Even a link to someone showing us would be great if you don't have the time for it.:)COOL card!!
    I got several cool Scrapping supplies for Christmas and was not able to play with them cause my back went out pretty bad this time.:( I got stamps...all kinds of inks...paper scrapbooks with the pages ready for the pics..those are soo cool!!LOL Christy got me one of those eyelet setting thingy's ..like a pair of plyers..KWIM? I haven't even taken it out of the package yet..but when I do..I bet I will have eyelets in EVERYTHING.LOL
    You went to a lot of trouble cutting those flowers out..but I agree..they look fantastic on your beautiful card.:)
    I haven't tried embossing powder yet.Christy has..but I haven't taken that plunge yet..but from the looks of your cracked glass card..I will have to try it out.:)That's Awesome!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and please stay warm.:)