February 3, 2010

Just another quick card. I am not sure why I liked this stamp, we have this huge Murder of crows in our area. They freak me out, there has to be 50 of them. My husband teases me by saying that when they caw they are actually saying 'eyes eyes' which sounds about right if you have ever been dive bombed by one of these black meanies. A murder of crows sounds abtly named to me. My sister will say it is all payback for my mean talk on hunting her quails.

Anyway, enough of my bird oddities. I had some of this double-sided designer paper left over from my visit with my sister this summer so I wanted to use that. It worked well with this stamped image.

I used some moss and red ink when sponging around the outside of the image, I did not quite wait long enough for the light colour to dry before applying the darker colour and they ran together a bit. Learn by mistakes I guess. The bird had a fine later of glitter marker on it, the red sparkles are Stickles. The layers are popped up with my Scotch mounting tape.

Supplies: Cream cardstock, misc dollar store Designer paper, Penny Black - Nature's Dance, Inkadinkado - Hello, misc red ribbon, red Stickles.


  1. Nina i hear ya about the crows....it is very creepy when they dive bomb ya. I was almost attacked by one once....it was crazy.

    Any how nice job on your card.

  2. (quails quivering under the shrubbery outside the doors till I whisper Nina won't be here for several more months... *snort*) You and Elmer Fudd freak them out.

    Love that word - a MURDER of crows and I totally see what you mean... they DO dive bomb. Actually I think crows are intelligent and friendly - but starlings, don't get me started on them. They are crafty and slippery and sketchy and I don't like them one little bit. You can harvest all of them you want. I'll make you a nice sauce for 'em.

    Gorgeous card!

    Thx for sharing Sisser. I lurve ya!

  3. Robins beat them all in my opinion! They always dive bomb me and they always nest in our peach tree right near the compost (which I need to visit every day. Need I say more? I carry an umbrella to prevent them from getting their talons tangled in my hair and when I get a chance I try to bat them out of the air with the umbrella closed. I could write a book about robins.

    anyway I digress ... I wanted to comment on this beautiful card. I love your shading with the red along the edges of your image. I do this too but not as effectively as you do Nina. Do you use a stamp pad or a sponge to do this?