September 10, 2011

I know this post is quick on the heals of the last post but I wanted to get this card up.  I have missed a couple of the 365 Card Challenges but I had a idea for today's card.

Today Challenge for 365 Card Challenge-Day 197 is Personal Playlist. Challenge Details:
"You know you have one - maybe it's classical you like, or even classic rock.  I have a mix on my playlist, but there's always a favorite (if only for a short while) at the top of it."

I jump all over the place with the music I listen too, right now one of my favorite songs is Dean Brody's - Little Yellow Blanket

I love the chorus:

Honey bees, a little lady bug
Squirrel behind a tree, hanging out with us
Gonna drink your sweet tea and a little cherry pie
On a little yellow blanket, just you and I.

I think it reminds me of growing up in a small town. So for the card I have a beautiful yellow background of sunflowers and a little honey bee.

My mom loved sunflowers, I don't ever recall a summer when they were not growing in the garden. It will be nine years tomorrow since we lost her to cancer. I miss her everyday, I made this card thinking of her and her sunflowers- the whole time with a smile on my face.

Supplies: Cream and Brown Cardstock, Designer Paper-PSX-Sunflower Montage, SVGCuts-Honey Bee, TPC Studio-Card Crafting Hello, Stampin' Up!-Antique brads.



  1. Oh Gosh,

    I hear the song, I see the card, but its brilliant how you pulled it out of your ears and mind to make this oh so pretty card.

    I love it Sis, inspirational. This will make the song inspirational to me too.

    Humm thats quite the challenge I've to live up to. Thanks for building with me today - hopefully we get a few more minutes soon.

    Love ya,
    Big Sis

  2. A lovely tribute to your mother! Beautiful card. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Best, Yvonne

  3. Beautiful card Nina! That's funny i love Sunflowers as well....maybe it's from seeing them in the garden at the old house.
    You did a wonderful job!

  4. Nina..I know how you feel about losing your Mom to cancer. I lost Daddy to cancer the year before.Aug.9,2001...and it IS nice that we can smile when we think of them now.:)
    You made a BEAUTIFUL card!:)

    Huge hugs,

  5. Nina, your card is beautiful! Love the sunflowers and the be is so cute. Thanks for joining us for this 365 Cards challenge!!