January 12, 2012

Oh Canada!

Yes I know it is almost mid Jan and not July 1st, I also don't sit in my craft room singing our National Anthem although if you do bravo :).

My co-worker is taking his Canadian Citizenship test today, I know he will do just fine. I think I have reviewed more elementary school history the last couple of weeks to make me wonder how on earth I every made it through to graduation.

I know the results won't be in for about a month but I figured I would plan a head and give this to him and maybe some Red Velvet cupcakes when he has completed his Citizenship ceremony. I think Red Velvet would be as close to red and white as I will find this time of year. I am not up for baking fancy cupcakes.

Supplies: Natural white and white cardstock, Designer Paper-Best Creations Inc, HOTP-Mix your messages.


The card was relatively simple to create, for the bottom layer and maple leaf I used this fabulous red glitter paper. The center piece textured cardstock, and I cut the Maple Leaf with my SCAL and Cricut.


  1. He is going to love this card and how awesome of you to do it for him..love the card Nina


  2. Great card! You are just so thoughtful! I am sure he will appreciate it.

    Have a great day Nina!


  3. Hi Sis,

    This is choking me up!

    I've often thought of this too, new people who go for citizenship certainly know more about our country than we do. I think we take a lot for granted.

    What a beautiful way to be welcomed, thanks for being a positive face on our whole country. I'm sure its not always so.

    Your card is amazing and I bet it will not get put away... possibly ever.

    This is parta why I love you so much!

    ~ Sis

  4. Beautiful, Nina! So many perfect details...the glimmer paper, the texture, the flagged sentiment! I LOVE it!

  5. The glitter paper is gorgeous. Your card must look really dazzling in real life. x

  6. How SWEET of you to make this in advance.That says it all!! Shows you are rooting for him and believe he will make it.:) COOL!!

  7. Super-duper awesome! What a way to commemorate the occasion!