June 27, 2012

The Stamps of Life and Martha Stewart

No card post today, I am too excited about my new binders. I keep all my stamps from The Stamps of Life in binders. They are the only clear stamps that I have actually taken the time to organize mostly because Stephanie sends out storage sheets with the stamps.

I however put them in these ugly black binders that do absolutely nothing for the inspiration flow in my craft space.  I also get a little frustrated with the storage sheets because if I lay my binders flat the stamps slide out the top of the storage sheets.  I fixed that by putting a piece of Velcro to hold the stamps in but with clear sheets it does not add to the 'pretty' factor.

I have been the hunt for storage sheets that have a small fold at the top to hold  the contents in place, I will admit that my actual 'hunt' was taking a peak whenever I was in one of my local office supplies store but you get the idea.

Anyhoo, I found exactly what I was looking for in the Martha Stewart office supplies section at Staples today.. office supplies.. who knew, but hey it is Martha so I should not be surprised. I picked up 3 packages of the Secure-Top Sheet Protectors with 2 pockets, I  was also drawn to the Martha S binders. Although they had beautiful decorative binders I went with solid colours.

The storage sheets are not as thick as the ones I get from The Stamps of Life , but they do store two sets of stamps back to back the same and the fantastic little secure flat stops the stamps from sliding out.  My stamps are just as organized and the binders are pretty to look at.

I just had to share :).



  1. Thanks for the cool tips on these MS binders! I need to go find some for myself now :)

  2. wow thanks so much for sharing your idea...I love it. Going to go looking.

  3. Holey Kow Sister,

    Your going to be appalled at my messy stamp collections. These look very functional and neat. A person would actually be able to find their stamps when they need them. I think thats why I don't use mine so much, I can't just lay my hands on the one I want or need.

    Love ya,
    Big Sis