November 22, 2020

Napkin Notecards

My fascination with paper napkins and Mod Podge continues, and I think it will for a while. I was out getting the last of any Christmas gifts I needed yesterday and may have picked up a few different napkins designs to play with.

I seem to have been lucky because I have not messed up a napkin yet, rice papers work pretty well too however tissue does not. For today's post, I made a set of 4 cards to send to my MIL for a Christmas present.

These were made from a single napkin and I love that the design is large enough and has two different directions that I could make the pattern on the card slightly different for each one. You can see some small wrinkles where the napkin folded slightly.

Each napkin has three layers, I stripped off the two bottom ones and only used the top design layer. I brushed on a layer of Mod Podge onto the cardstock, then laid the napkin over it. I used a brayer to get the napkin pressed down nicely then I added another layer of Mod Podge. I let the panels dry overnight.

I cut the card bases, added a writing panel inside with a matt of black cardstock. I die cut the black matt for the napkin panel with a stitched square. Once the napkin panels were dried I die cut them with a square, I glued the matt and panel together then added a layer of foam tape to finish.

Each card is approximately 4.5in by 4.5in.

Anyone need to swap napkins :). I will have a few leftovers if I am making 4 cards per napkin.

Supplies: White and black cardstock, napkin, Mod Podge (Matte).

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