December 6, 2008

Happy Saturday Everyone,

I would like to send out a huge Happy Birthday to my brothers Bill and Barry, have a wonderful day.

This is the card that I put together for this special occasion. I have to say I don’t recall the ribbon looking that skewed when I made the card, can the camera lie? I was aiming for basic, masculine and I really wanted to use the lighthouse stamp by Inkadinkado.

I have changed from listing the supplies that I use to make a card from Recipe to Supplies because I don’t know who makes any of my card stock, only a few of my cardstock pieces have a sticker on the back indicating who makes it. I stock pile my cardstock and designer papers I have a few favorite stamp\scrapbook stores and for whatever reason I seem to always come home with cardstock or designer paper, and I have a ton of it and with that in mind *smile* when I find a stamp I like I sometimes can already see a card forming in my head and it would be such a shame if I did not have the cardstock or designer paper that would work.

Supplies: Kraft Cardstock by Stampin’ Up!, brown cardstock (company unknown), buckle, Celebrate It Holiday Ribbon – Brown, Lighthouse-Inkadinkado, Happy Birthday-unknown company, Versafine Vintage Septia.


  1. thanks Nina ..the card was beautiful ...

  2. Cards not skewed Sis, YOU are hahahhaha, Ok I know I will pay for that one. ;p

    I love the idea of a lighthouse, we've been to several. I'm sure the boys will be DELIGHTED to receive these.

    One day, one day waaaayyy in the future, I will know what all these recipe ingredients mean and will lust over them as you do.

    I love being able to come visit you here.

  3. Morning ;-)
    Popping over from Barb to see what other eye candy you have today.
    And I LIKE IT SKEWED- hahahahaha
    (ouch Barb you really going to pay for that comment I'm sure-lol)
    It gives a *realistic* touch but yet still looks *bought*- arrrgh, sure you understood that one-

    Have a great day Nina

  4. ooo like the lighthouse! I dont think its skewed either. lol...

  5. Good morning Nina:)
    I didn't get a chance to come by again before now.Seems the days run into each other way too quickly.:)
    I love your cards.:)I would just tell everyone I had intended for the ribbon to be skewed on the lighthouse one.If I made one like that..I would get the ribbon glued just right and it would come undone.hehe.It really does look wonderful!:)
    I think the hardest part would be to find who made what for the credits..I have a bunch of stuff piled in drawers etc...and like you..if it didn't say on the back of the paper..who made it..guess they will just have to let me know when they see it.LOL
    Thank you for stopping by just now and leaving a comment.You are most welcome and I hope you will be able to use the bulbs.My bulbs on your cool is that??:)Don't feel obligated..just thought it would be a high point in my day!!:)
    Oh..and please don't hurt Barb!!LOL