December 5, 2008

TGIF, I have the song ‘ Working for the weekend’ running through my head. I am rushing my way through time again, I hate it when I wish time away.

My son had soccer practice last night so that takes about a 2 hr bite out of my creative time. So I did not make anything new but I did tackle some stuff off the to do list I have started to keep on the desk. So this card was made with a twin earlier in the week.

I saw this stamp when I went to a local stamp store looking for a Season’s Greeting stamp. I did not get the stamp I was looking for but found a number of other goodies for my basket, I love this little mittens stamp and I thought it would work perfect for the cards I wanted to make for my friends with babies. My husband though this card was a little bright but I wanted a frosty style card to support snugly mittens.

The designer paper has faint snowflakes on it, this image does not do it justice.

Supplies: Blue specked cardstock, Navy Blue Cardstock, Designer paper – Bo bunny Jack Frost Crystals , Velvet ribbon, Elegant ribbon slides- Paperwishes, Plastic snowflake, color with water color pencils.


  1. Oh Sister dear, I too, was wishing time away as well - I think it comes with this time of the year. It happens every time, no matter what my intentions are.

    What were the OTHER goodies that found their way in your basket, huh?

    The photograph of this card is nice, but I do not see the pattern :( I LOVE the mittens, great idea!

    I hope your friday goes very fast, but I hope you enjoy every busy second and don't wish a moment of it away.

    hugs from your one and only sister in the universe.


  2. Good Afternoon Nina:)
    I see you made another cool card.I love the mittens too.:)I don't have many stamps but you have given me ideas now.Everyone keeps asking me what I want for Christmas.LOL
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Nina, I like the way you blended the colors on the leaves and mittens. I own only a few stamps because my obsession is punches (drawers full). I am afraid of how many more drawers I would need if I decided to start stamping as well. But I love the look of water color pencils. Maybe I will have to invest in some .....just maybe. ;)

  4. cute mitten stamp...and I am curious to ..what esle made it into that basket ....


  5. love the coloring on the leaves and mittens! Im not really a "square card" fan... but I like this one! Love the flake embellies too!