December 4, 2008

One day closer to Friday, I can't wait to have a couple of days off at Christmas. Yes I know Christmas is not typically a time of leisure but I am not heading into work. Don't get me wrong I love my job it is just....

I was chatting with my sister last night getting her opinion on which card to post today and she expressed an interest in cardmaking with me. I would love that, she has tried many times to draw me into her digital world. Alas I fight a good fight and she as only managed to seize a finger or two in her efforts. I love her digital images, and scrapbook kits they are wonderful and my sister has this amazing talent but I have to say I love the glue and glitter on my fingers when I card make. I can't feel the gritty little mess through a computer monitor, it does not help that I really don't love my computer at the end of the day after troubleshooting for others all day. Thus said, I did use some digital papers for some of my Christmas cards, my printer was not happy with me when I printed them out :) but at the end of the day I was.

Enough of my gibberish, on with the card.
This card was made over 2 months ago, I had most of it made with the exception of the name. One of my best friends was expecting so I was all prepared with the card and a treasure filled box to send. She had at that time narrowed down the baby names to either Haley or Maya so I printed out a little square for each and... well her sweet little peanut was welcomed as Raina. After my little spiel above, I thank my computer, Microsoft Publisher and A Yummy Apology font for the re-print. This was my week of onesie love.

Cardstock: Burgundy/Purple card stock (unknown company), Designer Paper came in a slab from Costco (sorry it has been forever since purchased)
Stamp: Is actually a clipart from Microsoft, Heidi Grace designs Clear Stamps Urban Acres Blvd
Accessories: Forever in Time Sticker Trenz (self adhesive ribbon), Paper flowers (unknown company), Making memories Button brad, Martha Steward glitter marker, Judikins Diamond Glaze

I am still trying to talk my husband to take over camera duties, so I apologize for the darkness of the image, it really does not show the little spits of glitter (again with that sparkly stuff).

Have a great day,


  1. its NOT gibberish, not not! I'm sure I will take to 'real-feely' cards like a duck to water! And with my sisser no less, woo hoo.

    Don't wish for a day off, or sure enough you wind up home... but SICK and home and what good would this be?

    I think I would like to marry the digi and real together too, like you're doing. Your cards are delightful.

    Riana is a pretty name, never heard it before.

    I've loved visiting you today & anxiously await your next card/post - a highlight in my day.

    PS nice you can draw on Judy, too, as she's become QUITE proficient in digi and also does carding like you too.

    Have a great day!

  2. Nina, We WILL convert you to digital. Look at how versatile it is. You can use digi scraps printed on white cardstock for your own beautiful backgrounds. Print the elements on cardstock and cut them out and use the foam adhesives to give it lift. and still add you own ribbons and stuff. Digi is SOOOO versatile!

    Plus you can make a card a billion ways with digi, and not waste a single supply. Then you print the one you actually like. No mess, no waste...

    Its cheaper, its cleaner, and its reusable...

    Yes, yes, we WILL convert you. hehehe...

  3. What a cute baby card! Love the soft colors you chose. I almost always make digital hybrid cards now. I use a cardstock base but I print out the patterned paper onto white cardstock. You never run out of your favorite colors and patterns that way. ;) I also print out word art and graphics but I like to make my own embellishments with buttons, brads, real ribbon, silk or punched flowers, and I love the textured feel of torn, ribbed or homemade paper. I too, can not go completely digital.

  4. Good Morning Nina:)
    I agree with Bunny.I have printed out digital elements etc and cut them out for my paper scrapping and cards.There are sooo many elements you can use from the digiscrap sites.!! can print several out on one page!!!:)
    When you figure out how to get your pics to lighten up ..let me know..I have the same problem with mine sometimes.I think it's the lighting.I need some kind of spot light or something.:)My problem is..if I use a light to shine on the shows the flash.LOL I am definitely NOT a photographer.hehe
    I love your welcome baby card.How cute! I also love your cardinal card.My Mom loves cardinals too.I actually got her a Christmas gift bag that has one on it.:)
    I need to make my sister a card for her Bday.It's the tenth of this month.Wow..I need to get started.LOL
    I love glitter too!! I have it everywhere when I work with it though.hehe
    Have a wonderful day!


  5. well girl I love it ...maybe I can get you help me make a card for Samantha ..when the baby comes ...