December 14, 2008

OooK, so 2 to 4 cm's not so much, more like ½ foot of snow. The snow is pretty but the nasty little wind that is blowing is not. No card today just a few pictures from a walk this morning. The wind has blown the snow around so it does not look like very much. The pictures are a little gray, but it was very gray out and it did not help that it was still blustery and snowing.

We saw an eagle with breakfast and a second eagle in hot pursuit, we did not get that on camera but we did get a picture of the second eagle after he gave up the chase.

We are also a couple of different clubs of seals feeding, there must have been some food in abundance because the seagulls were also actively feeding. They were too far off shore to get a good picture though. It was like something out of National Geographic. Husband was click happy today (go figure) so a couple scenic pictures below.

Have a great Sunday,


  1. SQUEE - photos!

    You have more snow than us. I'm having snow envy at you *snort*

    Ok... *shuffle,shuffle* I'm going to get the camera this instant and take a snap for you. I'll share when I see the whites of your eyes.

    MWAH from your (one and only) sister.

  2. awesome pictures Nina and Barb will have fun looking at each others pictures ate very talented like your sis